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Pokey Spears


Pokey Spears is an Iowa born, athlete bred, award winning avant-grade director, writer, and producer. After overcoming insurmountable odds surrounding poverty, violence, and substance abuse while growing up in a small hometown in the Mid-West.


He used his pain and struggle to invent his voice through cinema with a unique and bold directorial vision. “The 400 Blows” started his hunger for story telling in a distinctive and stylistic way. 


Ambitious to break creative barriers and tell raw narratives that have a social impact, Spears has always looked to established Hollywood paragons as a common denominator for his own inspirations. 


The grit from Taxi Driver, the pacing from Fargo, and Tarantino’s unapologetic violence are few examples that have led him to several nominations and awards for Directing including the “Disney/Lucas Star Wars Fan Film awards” which his film is currently streaming on Star Wars dot com. 


Recently, switching from a digital format to a now preferred celluloid (35MM and 16MM). Spears is finding roots and seeking to break new barriers in Hollywood as one of the hottest directors to look out for named by the Micheaux Film Festival.

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